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Deadline date: 10th of the Month before edition

Contributors' Section

Thank you for agreeing to contribute an article to LivingLife magazine, please complete the form below to submit your content

What makes a good article?

  1. A Catchy Title - Something that makes the reader want to read your article

  2. Add Value - Make sure your sharing your wisdom with the readers, something that will add value, dont be salesy or promote products

  3. Be Relevant - Ensure the article is relevant to either the season, the feature or an upcoming event

  4. A photo speaks a 1000 words - Include a good photo of you, your business, or your clients (ensure they are royalty free, or your own)

Remember -

This is an informative piece and not a sales pitch, please do not talk about your particular business or mention any company names. 

All contributions will come with a thank you description like shown which will include your company information


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