Leaflet Distribution Service

Looking to promote your business locally? 

As an addition to our print magazine we are pleased to offer reliable leaflet delivery alongside our monthly magazine delivery. Some of the benefits of sending leaflets via our service include:

Endorsement - As your leaflet is with our trusted magazine, it gives the reader added trust.

Specific - We know our delivery area very well, you can specify exactly which areas you wish your delivery to go to.

Guaranteed - With our GPS tracking service, you can see exactly where our delivery personnel have been and even see their full route on Google Earth.


Our Current Distribution Areas:


Henlow Village                   
Stondon & Henlow Camp  



Fairfield Park

Grand Total - 16,000

per 1000



Entire area

(£65 off)

- 1000
- 2000
- 2800

- 3350
- 1450
- 350

- 3750

- 1300


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printing rates

Business 2 Business

Leaflet Distribution


Are you looking to target ONLY businesses in our distribution area?

We now offer a unique service where we can deliver your leaflet directly to the approx 500 businesses in our area. This is a super efficient way of getting your message out to your target market. And because the numbers are low, this eliminates waste and allows you to re-target on a regular basis in a cost effective way.