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HAVE YOUR SAY! Green Waste Collections.

We choose a topical issue, compile a short survey, distribute across our social pages, and wait for the results to come flowing in.

Following a vote by Central Bedfordshire councillors, and to help address the financial challenges the council faces, the council will start charging for garden waste collections from April 2024.


So, what do you think? Once again, we were amazed at the response, with just over 290 completed surveys, the results are fascinating…

Q1. How likely are you to continue using the garden waste collection service offered by Central Bedfordshire Council if you have to subscribe and pay for the service?

Q2. Do you believe that implementing charges for garden waste collection could lead to an increase in illegal dumping or fly-tipping in your area?

Q3. Do you think the introduction of charges for garden waste collection is fair for elderly or disabled residents who may face financial difficulties and/or find it challenging to transport their local green waste to recycling centres?

Q4. Considering the financial challenges faced by Central Bedfordshire Council, do you agree with their decision to charge for garden waste collections starting April 2024?

Q5. Are there any alternative solutions you would suggest to address the financial constraints of the council while ensuring equitable access to waste management services for all residents?

“It should continue to be free for the elderly and disabled who cannot transport garden waste to the recycling centres. In all fairness these people generally do not have cars.”


“My Dad is a Pensioner and will not be able to pay for his garden bin. It is also unfair as he has trees in his road where the leaves end up in his carport so what happens to them when they fall? Who will collect the mess they make.”


“If you are working you would be able to afford this fee or you would be able to just pop to the dump, but when you are a pensioner and have a garden which is what gets you out and active you have no choice but to pay as there is no way my husband or I would be able to lift the bags of grass etc. in and out of the car. We pay our rates etc. and as we only get our pensions it would stretch us even further. Thank you.”


“They should make the tips easier to use to stop fly tipping”


“I think people should pay for their green waste to be taken away, however, I do not know why the green recycle bins were ever rolled out in the first place.”


“I am a single mum and just can’t keep up with the cost of living, it’s ridiculous! I just can’t afford it.”


“They need to look at efficiencies within the council in general as opposed to just asking for more money from residents.”


“Make agreement with Herts to allow access to Letchworth tip.”


“CBC could

1. Stop funding for “new” leisure centres.

2. Make leisure centres self-financed without subsidy.

3. Rationalisation of salaried staff.

4. Sell off the non-used & underused buildings owned.”


“Cancel any diversity/dei projects or job roles across the council.”

“The underhand way this has been done with a consultation that wasn't widely advertised is the main issue here.”

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May 2024

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