Case Study

April 2020

9 Day Cleanse completed by Hayley

So C9 finished and chuffed to bits with results ... 12.5 inches combined loss from waist, hips and bust and 7lbs in weight. 

I’m continuing my own version using a new order of Forever Garcinia Plus tablets , with Berry Aloe and Vanilla Ultra Lite daily along with MyFitnessPal app for food and activity tracking . I’ve started walking 5k every other day too and will continue .

I’ve done c9 twice before and always fallen off the wagon due to depression and absolutely NO willpower. This time has been different . Feel energised , my mood is good AND I’ve finally given up smoking too . For good . I started at 14 stone and my goal is 10.5 .....I’m aiming do achieve this by Christmas 🎄 

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