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January 2021

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  • John McBurney

Beautiful Gardens of Bedfordshire (Part 3)

For our third instalment we were kindly invited to visit the intriguing and hilarious garden of Tina & Ralph who live on Chiltern Place in Henlow Village.

We were treated to a guided tour of their amazing garden whilst Tina explained all…

“I’ve lived in this house for just over 21 years and I would describe our garden as an ornamental novelty garden. We have lots of visitors to the garden especially friends and family who have young children or grandchildren. There are lots of ladybird ornaments and the children love to play a game counting up how many ladybirds they can find.

We have collected the garden ornaments during our many travels whether sight-seeing for the day or away on holiday. We love to visit little tourist shops and craft shops. The larger statues, we tend to get these from Savins Nursery in Stondon and for bedding plants we shop at Mr. Watts in Caldecote.

Our favourite aspect of the garden is when the solar powered lights come on at night. The garden really comes to life and looks amazing. Visiting children seem to love Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs the most, especially when the house is lit up.

In the past we have entered our garden into competitions and we were ‘Best Individual Garden Finalists’ in the 2015 housing association competition.

Maintaining the garden is time consuming but we simply try to do as much as we can, although this does get more difficult as we get older.”

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