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Local Water Towers From Above - Langford Water Tower

Checking out local water towers across Bedfordshire using our aerial drone.

Langford Water Tower, Bedfordshire, is a familiar and imposing landmark on Topler's Hill beside the A1 Ermine Street, south of Biggleswade.


The tower was opened in 1934 at the cost of £14,500. The water, which is raised from New Spring Pumping Station Biggleswade (visible on the left further up the A1) is contained in a steel plated spherical bowl suspended within the structure. It holds 300,000 gallons. In 1980 the original steel was replaced by an aluminium cap costing £26,000.


Heading northwards up the A1, if you ever ask for directions to Langford the response is typically, “Turn left at the water tower”.

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May 2024

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