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Beautiful Gardens of Bedfordshire (Part 5)

Discovering beautiful gardens in the local area.

Welcome to our latest instalment of beautiful gardens. This time we were kindly invited to visit the fascinating garden of Shirley & David who live in Lower Stondon. With summer a distant memory we focus our attention onto more unusual gardens, not so much flowers and colour, but gardens that offer a unique twist, and this garden does not fail deliver, a delightful model village that would make any head turn.

Shirley & David treated us to a guided tour and whilst we captured photographs Shirley explained the history behind this amazing collection of miniature houses.

“The miniature houses were originally located elsewhere, in the garden of one of the houses on our road. Sadly, the elderly lady who owned them passed away and her son did not know what to do with the collection; he did not want to see the collection end up a skip, so we decided to help out and take on the main bulk of the collection. The collection was split up, there is also a castle and an additional church which are located elsewhere."

"The miniature houses were built some time ago by the elderly lady’s deceased husband. They are made from concrete and as such are very heavy, but built to last, although they do require repair and maintenance and we now spend our time repairing the roofs and the windows, and repainting the walls."

"Do I have a favourite aspect? No, not at all, I love all of them. Our neighbours also love our miniature village, and children on their way home from school, they love to look at them, especially at night when the lights are on.”

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May 2024

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