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Delivery Boys' Review at The Orchard at Letchworth Sports & Tennis Club

Our Delivery Boys were kindly invited for breakfast at The Orchard at Letchworth Sports & Tennis Club, formerly The Orchard at Fairfield Park, but now at a brand-new location.

We arrived at the restaurant on a glorious sunny day and found it easy to park our vehicles in the ample sized tennis club car park. The restaurant is located around the back of the main building, adjacent to the outdoor tennis courts.

As per Covid 19 ‘roadmap out of lockdown’, The Orchard had a ‘soft’ reopening on 12th April, which meant outside eating only, however, on such a beautiful day, the spacious and stylish courtyard was the perfect place to be. We ordered some coffees whilst we decided what to eat.

Onto the food We perused the breakfast menu online, which covers all the bases, firstly, there’s the sweet option - the Pancake Stack, and then a wide range of savoury choices including various takes on Eggs Benedict, and of course The Orchard Fry Up, plus a vegetarian version too. Andrew ordered the Fry Up and John the Classic Eggs Benedict. Tea and coffee soon arrived and we chatted and relaxed as we watched the tennis players on court.

Onto the eating Breakfast was delicious! Andrew’s ‘Fry Up’ certainly hit the spot, and included Cumberland sausage, smoked back bacon, two fried eggs, hash brown, beans, mushrooms, and farmhouse toast. All perfectly cooked, piping hot and superbly presented.

The Classic Eggs Benedict was something special. It included two poached eggs, thick slices of baked ham (really nice ham), wild rocket, on top of brioche, all exquisitely finished with the most amazingly tasty hollandaise sauce. Our compliments to the chef.

The restaurant’s full ‘re-opening’ (eating inside) is planned for 17th May. Afternoon teas will be available, but please do reserve a table as bookings are already being snapped-up.

Before we left, we managed a sneak preview of inside the restaurant, we had heard that the team have been working tirelessly with refurbishments, we have to say, they have done a grand job, it certainly looks inviting. We can’t wait for May 17th!

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