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It’s not just us that deserve to be pampered!

Esme Sanders & Emma Dickinson

Oaktree Dog Grooming

Pampering your animal, whether it be a dog or a cat, can be incredibly beneficial for their health. By taking your pooch or feline friends to the groomers, it allows your dog or cat to be looked over with a fresh pair of eyes to spot any lumps, bumps or unwanted nasty pests- such as fleas and ticks.

Not to mention that they get their claws trimmed too which can save some pennies with vet bills alongside getting their ears plucked to get rid of dead hair and create a clean ear canal where otherwise bacteria would fester and lead to ear infections.

Aside from the biology of it all, your pet’s coat should always be kept knot-free, glossy and healthy. Grooming ensures this by removing any dead hair which in turn promotes new hair growth and clean, clear skin. This is done by either clipping, de-shedding or hand-stripping – these are all effective methods of removing unwanted hair for many different breeds, from Cockapoos to English Bulldogs, wire-haired Viszlas to long-haired Chihuahuas, Persians, Ragdolls and Siamese.

Once your pet has had their relaxing visit to the groomer, you should be able to notice how little their hair is being shedded around the house, this saves you lots of time which would have otherwise been spent cleaning! Instead, your time could be spent brushing your dog or cat to save any horrible knots from appearing, this should work wonders for making the bond between the two of you even stronger. Who doesn’t like a bit of time spent on themselves? This is the same for your canines and felines- a relaxing bath & blow dry, followed by a trim and a few sprays of pet friendly perfume.

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