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SoundARC Interview with… Lost without Cause

Lost Without Cause are a 3-piece original rock band from South East England. The band were featured on MTV2 as part of their new talent initiative program, which involved an interview and live performance being aired worldwide throughout May/June 07 on MTV2. The band have also performed at London Astoria 2, Camden Barfly and Maida Vale studios. They have played with such acts as Bastille, Kids In Glass Houses, Fozzy, Don Broco, Lower Than Atlantis, China Drum, Sacred Mother Tongue, My Passion, The Crave, Koopa, Fei Comodo, None The Less, Saving Aimee and lots more. One of the bands videos, ‘Trigger’ was featured on the front page of Youtube and iGoogle which has gained them massive online success, racking up nearly 220,000 views for that video alone!

Si, from the band, provides the answers...

1. How Did You Meet?

I started the band back in 2004 with its original line-up. JJ joined the band and took the throne when our previous drummer left, I think I found him on a ‘musicians wanted’ forum. Tony joined to pick up the axe when our previous guitarist decided to call it a day. Tony used to be in another band, and we’ve been friends for a good few years now, so when I heard there was a guitarist vacancy coming up, I got in touch and he came on board.

2. What Does Your Band Name Mean?

Originally, I was in a band called ‘Last Stop to Nowhere’ and it was catchy, and I liked the abbreviation down to LSN. So, when we were trying to come up with a name for the band, we were throwing around lots of options, I came up with a huge list, and we just couldn’t settle on one. Then on the way home, I just had the idea of ‘Lost Without Cause’. I sent it to the WhatsApp group, and they both liked it too… so it stuck.

3. Your Biggest Influences?

For me, I find influences in so many places. I listen to so many different styles of music from different eras and areas of the world, sometimes I can just hear one lyric or one hook which sticks in my head, and it’ll inspire me to create something new. I guess Therapy, China Drum, Dashboard Confessional are my biggest influences and inspired me to get into writing music to start with.

4. In order of band members, who'd come first/last in a 100m sprint

Jeeeez, we are all falling apart as it is! Probably JJ would win, he has age on his side, Tony second place as he does judo and stuff, and I’d be last, probably moaning about my bad knee or something.

5. What do you enjoy most about being a musician

The whole process, sitting with a guitar and coming up with a rough track, getting together with the guys and adding meat to it and changing it to something sturdy, hitting the studio and adding layers and depth into the recording, shooting a video for the tracks is always a lot of fun, seeing and hearing peoples responses when it’s out there and we get to perform it. I think you have to enjoy it all, it’s not just about doing it ‘to be famous’, you have to enjoy and have a love for it as a hobby and as a release.

6. What do you prefer, Gigging or Recording?

Ooh, this goes back to the last question again really. I love the process of recording, hearing a song that started off as a rough, little idea, suddenly growing legs and fending for itself; it’s something else! Gigging can have so many highs and lows, you can play an empty pub to two people and feel thoroughly deflated, but then you can play to a sold out festival of people singing your songs back at you, and it reminds you how it’s all worthwhile. I think the satisfaction from recording probably wins for me, it’s something you can then reflect back on for years to come and be proud of.

7. Favourite song of yours to play live?

This changes all the time! When we get new songs in, and they feel fresh, we love getting them out there for people to hear. I think for now, it’s safe to say ‘Trigger’ has been a favourite of ours. It’s got great energy and pace and always a pleasure to bust out. Plus, the response it had when we put the video on YouTube has been immense, think we are near 220,000 views now!

8. If you could play in any other band, who would it be?

Brand New. The direction they went in towards the end of their run was fascinating to me. Using instruments and effects that I would not have considered working, seem to come together in beautiful chaotic masterpieces.

9. The Beatles or Rolling Stones?

Stones all the way. I grew up with a dad that listened to the stones, and a mum that listened to Motown. I never really had much exposure to the Beatles at all. Which nowaways I find strange as everyone knows so many Beatles’ tracks, and I struggle with only knowing a few.

10. Bacon sandwich - Red or Brown sauce?

I am 100% a Ketchup fiend, until a couple of years back I’d only ever tried a bacon sandwich with red. But when Mc D’s started doing their bacon rolls with brown sauce, I tried it, don’t get me wrong it was delish… but this crown belongs to the red.

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