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Steve Clark

Arlesey Musicians

07952 002383

** Since the printing of the article, the Arlesey Musicians now meet on a Tuesday at the Arlesey Social Club.

Arlesey Musicians is an informal collection of people who like to make music together. It started a few years ago at the White Horse pub in Arlesey. We meet there every Wednesday around 7:30pm to play songs for each other. We get everything from beginners to semi-professionals and everyone gets their turn. The music can be pop, rock, folk, jazz or even classical. Anything goes really. It can be anything from three people up to a dozen or more. If you do not play an instrument, then you can probably find someone to accompany you. Acoustic instruments are preferred to keep things simple, but we do get some keyboard players coming along. There have been violins, flutes, clarinets and some interesting home-made instruments courtesy of the ‘Pianoman’ (who does not actually play the piano).

We also run a monthly open mic event on the first

Friday of the month at the White Horse where you can get a turn in the spotlight with a PA system to play three songs with the chance of another go later. Several collaborations have come out of these events with bands and other ensembles playing gigs in the area.

The group is expanding to include dedicated jazz sessions and more open mic events in other locations such as the Arlesey Social Club and the Two Chimneys pub in Letchworth. More details can be found on the Arlesey Musicians Facebook group. Of course, you are welcome to come along to just listen if you want. It is all about making and enjoying live music.

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