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Updated: Feb 1

The recently constructed relief road, connecting Arlesey High Street to the A507, officially opened on November 27, 2023.

Initiated in Spring 2022, the construction aimed to alleviate congestion, enhance road safety, and reduce travel times for motorists bound for the A507. However, many commentators and local residents believe the road has simply been built to allow the construction of over 900 homes on the land East of Arlesey as detailed in the Arlesey Cross Master Plan. Details of the plan can be found online at Central Beds website:

As part of the extensive project, new cycle paths and pedestrian walkways flank the roadway, accompanied by a newly erected foot, cycle, and equestrian bridge spanning the busy A507. The bridge establishes a secure pathway linking Arlesey to the popular Etonbury Woods and nearby schools. Additionally, the bridge boasts a captivating viewing platform at the tree canopy level, offering a delightful vantage point for appreciating the woodlands and wildlife.

To enhance the surroundings, a combination of small and standard-sized trees, such as Lime, Silver Birch, Field Maple, Hazel, Wild Service Tree, White Willow, Tulip Tree, and Downey Birch, will be planted in Etonbury Wood and alongside the new road. It is hoped that this landscaping initiative will contribute to the overall aesthetic and ecological aspects of the area.

Our drone photographer recently captured some additional images of the new foot, cycle, and equestrian bridge spanning the A507. Take your time to examine the bridge in closer detail.

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