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Our delivery team have taken a keen interest in the local array of letter boxes proudly on display whilst out delivering the magazine. What an amazing range of styles and designs! Here we showcase a selection of letter boxes captured on camera over the last year. Who knew that they came in so many unique and different styles?

This blog post will also delve into the evolution of outside letter boxes in the UK, focussing on style, design, and the available choices.

Letter boxes, those unassuming yet essential elements of our homes, have a rich history in the United Kingdom. Traditionally, these receptacles were mounted on doors, providing a convenient means for postal deliveries. However, the evolution of design and lifestyle preferences has given rise to a distinctive trend—the outside letter box.


The traditional door-mounted letter boxes date back centuries, but as architecture and urban planning evolved, so did the need for alternative solutions. In the UK, the outside letter box became a prominent feature in the mid-20th century. This shift was driven by a desire for larger, more secure mail storage and the aesthetic appeal of having a separate, dedicated space for mail.

Style and Design:

Outside letter boxes come in various styles and designs, ranging from sleek, modern containers to more traditional, rustic models. Prominent manufacturers like Sandleford, Brabantia, and Allux have played key roles in shaping the aesthetics of these exterior fixtures. The materials used, such as stainless steel, weather-resistant plastics, and even ornate cast iron, contribute to the overall design, ensuring both functionality and visual appeal.


There are different types of outside letter boxes, including wall-mounted, freestanding, and integrated options. Wall-mounted letter boxes are affixed to the exterior of the home, while freestanding ones stand independently in the yard or near the entrance. Integrated models are often built into gates or fences, seamlessly blending into the property's architecture.

Pros and Cons:

Opting for an outside letter box has its advantages, offering larger storage capacity and reducing the risk of mail theft when compared to traditional door-mounted options. However, they might be more exposed to the elements, potentially leading to weathering of mail. Door-mounted letter boxes, on the other hand, provide easier access but might lack the security and space offered by their exterior counterparts.

In conclusion, the choice between an outside letter box and a door-mounted one boils down to personal preference, aesthetics, and practical considerations. As the evolution of design continues, these unassuming fixtures will likely keep adapting to the changing needs and tastes of homeowners across the UK.

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