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We continue our monthly journey… John catches the Wanderbus to Hitchin!


This time round I decided to catch the W12 service from Meppershall to Hitchin.


I jumped on the bus at the bus stop outside the Sugar Loaf pub on the High Street in Meppershall, which arrived promptly at 9.18am, as always, I headed for the row of seats at the back of the bus. Today’s volunteer bus driver was Graham, and on all accounts, he gets amazing reviews from his regular passengers.

On the bus I got chatting to Jean, Vanessa, Pat and Linda, a friendly bunch of ladies who seemed quite excited about their trip to Hitchin. Jean said, “We’ve been using this service since it started, which is probably about 10 years ago”. Clearly very loyal Wanderbus customers!

The route picks up passengers at Shillington, Higham Gobion, Barton-Le-Clay, Hexton, Pegsdon and finally arriving in Hitchin at just after 10am, with the return bus departing at 12.10pm, so you have just over 2 hrs to explore.


We arrived at Hitchin, alighting at Bancroft, right in the town centre. I asked the group of ladies why they get the Wanderbus to Hitchin, their response, “Shopping, but mainly for the chat and the social on the bus. Once off the bus, we split up, otherwise none of us would get anything done, but we usually meet up at 11.30am in the Market Square for a coffee or even Greggs. Our first point of call is always the charity shops.” Fortunately, the Wanderbus stops right outside the Garden House Hospice Shop, and off they went into the shop. “It’s great for books, DVDs and the staff are lovely people”.

I decided to explore Hitchin town centre. At the end of Hermitage Road I found a Thai food shop, called ‘Thai Food Store’. It’s a fab shop, I was in there for about half an hour, chatting to the lovely shop owner called Candy, who explained the amazing array of Thai food stocked on the shelves. I left with a carrier bag of various noodles, miso soup, ingredients for Panang curry and much, much more!

I then climbed up Windmill Hill to take in the fantastic views it offers of the town centre, which was followed by a walk to Hitchin Market. I then visited St. Mary’s church grounds, and then headed over to the Market Square to get a coffee. I discovered a really good bakery called ‘Quotidian’ at the end Sun Street, here I bought the most amazing sausage roll, truly delicious, I even went back into the shop to thank the baker.

Hitchin is the perfect place for shops, there is such a broad and mixed variety, from bars and restaurants, cafes, fine art and furnishings, hairdressers, solicitors, bookshops, jewellers, and estate agents.

So, why not come and visit Hitchin on the Wanderbus, you will have a fantastic time and if you are entitled to a bus pass then your journey is free of charge.

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