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1. Bathroom Layout

The first thing to consider is the structure of your bathroom. Is it a larger family bathroom or a small one? Is the current layout going to be changed, or will it remain as it is? How much floor space will be left after the renovations? If your bathroom is not very big, you will have a limited number of styles and designs to work with. However, creating a chic bathroom is still possible.

2. Think About Functionality

You need to consider who’s using the bathroom and how practicable your design is. The design of a family bathroom is different to that of an en suite or guest bathroom. Family bathrooms are typically oversized and somewhat busy. Due to the constant traffic, durable materials that require little to no maintenance are best. The design should also be space-saving and offer plenty of storage. En suite bathrooms are primarily used by one or two people, as such aim for elegance and luxury.

3. Research Fixtures & Materials

If you’re going for a wet room or shower enclosure, you need to consider your bathroom floor. Is the tile non-slip, or will you need a shower tray? Also consider bathroom lighting and cabinetry. Mirror lights and vanity units are popular options for many modern bathrooms. Bath panels are another consideration, they come in various styles and sizes, giving you multiple options.

4. Seek Expert Advice

It is vital to get professional opinion. Here at Bathroom Vogue we can provide you with proper knowledge and advise on most appropriate design and also clear any doubts you may have. Our team can offer expert judgement, and also provide information on the best materials and bathroom fixtures available on the market. A quick chat with us will be far more helpful than endless searching on the internet.

5. Get Style Inspirations

Visit a bathroom showroom to look at the various style options. Seeing examples of bathroom design in the flesh is best. Our bathroom showroom at Bathroom Vogue in Shefford is open Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm, and on Saturday 10am - 4pm. You can then decide if you want a futuristic, period, rustic, classic, or traditional bathroom style, which helps narrow down your selection.

6. Create Your Budget

Preparing a budget before beginning the renovations helps you keep your finances in check. Prepare a reasonable budget around the kind of style you want and list everything you’ll need for the remodelling down to the shower caddy and towel racks.


The very first step to designing your dream bathroom is to plan. Follow the steps listed above when planning, so you’re able to cover all ground and begin your new year with a new and dazzling bathroom.

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