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A Fascinating Collection

Collector: Sheila, Redhoods Way West, Letchworth (with contribution thanks to Sue Johnston).

Like so many collections this began by mum buying a few thimbles on holidays and as the numbers increased, she bought a display case for 24 thimbles. As the collection grew over the years mum ended up with three further display cases, housing 72 thimbles each. We would occasionally bring thimbles back from our holidays, a custom that my older son continued, as mum travelled less. A few of the more ornate thimbles don't fit in the cases but most do.

They come from various places in Europe bought whilst on cruises, river cruises, coach tours and train trips that mum and dad went on with friends and siblings. Mum brought several home from two holidays in Canada and collected them over thirty years. At the moment my favourite is a little metal thimble from Russia, decorated by hand with red and white paint. I particularly like it because although it is decorative, I can also use it as an actual thimble when I'm sewing.

Sadly, mum no longer has any concept of owning things, so my intention is to choose my favourite 24 thimbles and keep the small display case.I would like to think the collection could go to a good home but by its nature it is a way of reflecting the places that my parents went, so I don't know if anyone would want them as a set.They will probably go to a charity shop and then people may look through them and find places they have visited or would like to go and start their own collection.

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