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Arlesey, Bedfordshire - Aerial Drone Showcase

Aerial drone photography has revolutionised the way we capture and perceive the world around us. By taking to the skies, drones provide a unique perspective that reveals places, buildings, and things of interest in a whole new light.

In the case of Arlesey, a charming town nestled in Bedfordshire, England, aerial drone photographs showcase the area's rich heritage and hidden gems like never before.

One of the notable landmarks in Arlesey is Arlesey Town FC. From the ground, it may appear as just a football field, but when viewed from above, the drone photographs capture the intricate patterns formed by the field and its surroundings. The bird's-eye view allows spectators to appreciate the strategic layout of the field and witness the excitement of the game from an entirely different angle.

Hampden House, formerly known as Biggs Wall, is another fascinating structure that takes on a new dimension when viewed from above. The drone photographs reveal the stunning architecture and intricate details of this historic building. With its well-preserved facade, Hampden House becomes a captivating subject for aerial photography enthusiasts.

Arlesey train station and car park are central to the town's transportation network, and drones offer a unique perspective on their functionality. The overhead shots capture the hustle and bustle of daily commuter life, showcasing the interconnectedness of the community as people arrive and depart from this vital hub.

The Kilmwoods Estate, with its picturesque landscape and quaint houses, transforms into a breathtaking sight when captured by a drone. The aerial perspective allows for a comprehensive view of the estate's layout, highlighting the natural beauty and tranquility that residents enjoy on a daily basis.

Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the aerial photographs of the MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area) in Arlesey. The drone captures the vibrant colours and patterns of the sports court, providing a unique glimpse into the lively atmosphere and recreational activities taking place.

The drone's lens also captures Arlesey's industrial side, with the Cemex Concrete Plant being a prominent feature. Aerial photographs of the plant reveal the scale and magnitude of its operations, showcasing the complex machinery and structures that are typically hidden from ground-level views.

And of course, St, Peter's Church, the images speak for themselves.

Over the last 5 years we have captured many images of Arlesey and here are is a selection of a random selection that we hope you enjoy!

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May 2024

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