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Beautiful Gardens of Bedfordshire

Welcome to our brand-new feature where we showcase beautiful gardens found in the local area.

For our first instalment, we were kindly invited to visit the amazing garden of Evie & Bob Hart who live on Three Star Park in Lower Stondon.

“We have lived here for six years and we began work on our garden almost immediately as it was just lawn and fence all around. Pretty much all our time and effort goes into our garden, but it is a labour of love for us. We have purchased a lot of our plants, flowers and ornaments from our local nurseries in the area which include Savins, Growing Strong, Langford Garden Centre and many others. We now grow a lot from seed since we installed our greenhouse. Our favourite aspect of the garden is the way it is laid out, you cannot see it all at once, it takes you on a journey through many different themes for example our woodland, stream, courtyard and eclectic front garden.’ (Evie & Bob).

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May 2024

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