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Beautiful Gardens of Bedfordshire (Part 4)

Welcome to our latest instalment of beautiful gardens. This time we were kindly invited to visit the amazing garden of Ann & Cyril Everard who live in Henlow Village, Bedfordshire. With a prominent position on the High Street, it is a garden that really does grab your attention with its huge array of potted plants and colour.

We were treated to a guided tour of the garden whilst Cyril explained all…

“I’ve lived in this house since it was built some 48 years ago. I spend a lot of time working on the garden. It is all day when planting but on average I spend about 3 hours a day in the garden. Just watering the plants takes an hour and a half every day! Nowadays I’m not very quick due to my age and ailments and as such this year’s garden could be the last time that it incorporates so many potted plants.

My favourite aspect of the garden are the colours, especially the Dahlias, Begonias and the Hydrangeas. We get most of the flowers and the plants from Watts Nurseries in Upper Caldecote, but many of the plants, like the Hydrangeas, we grow from cuttings.

People do stop and take photographs. It is a fantastic feeling knowing that our garden brings joy to people.”

Ann added: “Whilst I was out in the garden a lady was passing by and she suddenly stopped and said, “You must make everybody stop and smile with your garden”, it is a real pleasure to receive such nice comments like this.”

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May 2024

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