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Beautiful Gardens of Bedfordshire - (Part 8)

Discovering beautiful gardens in the local area.

Welcome to our latest instalment of beautiful gardens. In June we were kindly invited to visit the delightful garden of Peter Bozier who lives in Arlesey. Located in Ramerick Gardens, it is a garden that really does grab your attention with its huge array of potted plants and colour.

We were treated to a guided tour of the garden and whilst we took photos Peter explained all…

“My garden gives so much pleasure, watching the plants grow and bloom, it gives me a great sense of achievement. I suppose, if I had to describe my garden, it is a garden of bright colours and contrast.

Each day I spend about two hours watering and deadheading, this keeps the plants looking attractive and encourages more blooms.

I visit the local nurseries and garden centres to purchase my plants, mainly Arcade Nursery in Arlesey and also Cherry Lane and Hitchin garden centres.

Because my garden is mainly pot-based, I can move my pots around to find the best position so that they are happy, grow well and show-off their potential.”

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May 2024

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