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Bedfordshire Flooding - Shefford Update

In Shefford, Bedfordshire, recent flooding has wreaked havoc as the converging forces of the River Hit and the River Flit surged beyond their banks. Aerial drone images vividly capture the aftermath, revealing submerged flood plains, inundated gardens, and properties succumbing to the rising waters.

The once tranquil confluence now mirrors a watery expanse, with the extent of damage apparent in these striking images. Local residents grapple with the aftermath, facing the daunting task of dealing with flooded homes and disrupted lives.

These aerial photographs offer a stark reminder of nature's unpredictable power, leaving a lasting impact on the community.

Flooding Advice…

If you’re about to be flooded or if your area has a flood warning (when flooding is expected) or severe flood warning (when there’s a danger to life):

  • Turn off your gas, electricity, and water supplies, if it’s safe to do so - do not touch an electrical switch if you’re standing in water.

  • Move your family, vehicles, pets, and important items to safety, for example upstairs or to higher ground.

  • If you have them, use flood protection products, for example, flood barriers or air brick covers.

  • Follow advice from your local council or the emergency services - you may be asked to evacuate.

Given the recent heavy rainfall and flooding, please stay safe by following the advice from the emergency services:

  • Stay out of floodwater.

  • Don’t drive through floodwater.

  • Only ring 999 if there’s a risk to life.

Roads and pavements might be blocked; there are several road closures, so check your journey before you travel. Central Beds Council road closure info can be found here.

In an emergency, urgent highway issues can be reported to our 24-hour emergency team on 0300 300 8049. If there is danger to life or injury, you should call 999.

Local flood alerts and warnings can be found on the Government website, with advice about how to stay safe can be found here.

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