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HAVE YOUR SAY! The UK Housing Crisis

Updated: Mar 21

We choose a topical issue, compile a short survey, distribute across our social pages, and wait for the results to come flowing in.

Housing Crisis

The UK grapples with an escalating housing crisis marked by soaring property prices, dwindling affordable housing, and a surge in homelessness. A stark demand-supply imbalance, coupled with stagnant wage growth, has rendered homeownership increasingly elusive for many. Government initiatives aim to address the crisis, but progress remains incremental.

The pandemic exacerbated the situation, highlighting the need for comprehensive reforms in housing policies, construction incentives, and social housing provision. The urgency to create sustainable solutions persists as the housing crisis continues to impact individuals and communities across the UK.

So, what do you think? Once again, we were amazed at the response we received with just over 500 completed surveys, the results are fascinating…

Q1. Are you currently experiencing challenges in finding affordable housing in your local area?


Q2. Do you believe there is an adequate supply of housing to meet the demand in your community?


Q3. Have you or someone you know faced difficulties as a first-time buyer entering the property market?


Q4. Do you perceive a limited availability of housing options in your region? (1=very limited availability, 5=Far too much availability)


Q5. To what extent do you think wealth gaps contribute to the housing crisis in the UK?


Q6. In your opinion, are properties in your area generally affordable for the average income household?


Q7. On a scale of 1 to 5, how satisfied are you with the government's current housing policies in addressing the housing crisis? (1=very satisfied, 5=very dissatisfied)


Q8. How would you rate the efforts made to address the level of new housing developments in your local community? (1=very satisfied, 5=very dissatisfied)


Q9. According to the Office for National Statistics, net migration into the UK in the year to June 2023 was 672,000. To what extent do you believe net migration has contributed to the increased demand for housing and inflated house prices?

Q10. Are there any specific suggestions or solutions you believe could alleviate the current housing crisis in the UK?

“The houses being built in our area are 4-5 bedroom detached. I don’t know if any first-time buyer can afford them. Serious consideration needs to be given as to what properties are being built. This area has been massively over developed over the last 10 years.”

“Build more social housing and address the problem of empty homes.”

“I believe more council houses should be built. So many were sold off and none rebuilt.”

“Offer grants to genuine first-time buyers in areas where workforce is needed.”

"Stop landlords owning more than one property! Stop "buy to rent" selling. Stop massive immigration of people with no necessary skills. Stop housing illegals or immigrants without no intention of working."

"New builds that are more affordable should be built that aren’t just shared ownership (which isn’t actually affordable for most) and more schemes to help support people on below average incomes (which from my experience as a 25 year old is nearly everyone I know)."

"More old fashioned council houses."

"Yes we are a small island nation and cannot cope with the current influx of migration. Government should put a block on like Australia did and they are by far a massive country."

"More govt effort to reduce interest rates."

"Build affordable housing, outlaw housing associations, tax the rich."

"More council type housing that existed before Maggie Thatcher sold them all off."

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