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Scarecrow Festivals Bring Joy to Bedfordshire

Both the annual Clifton and the inaugural Shefford Scarecrow festivals took place over the weekend of the 19/20th September 2020. It was uplifting to see so many people out and about with friends and family enjoying their outside freedom and proof that not all of our treasured community events have to be cancelled due to Covid-19.

In Shefford there was 24 registered scarecrows plus a few last-minute additions. Over in Clifton there were 40 registered scarecrows with cash prizes awarded too.

Photos from Clifton...


The highlight for us here at LivingLife Magazine was to witness ‘Boris’ being rescued from the village pond in Clifton. Local teenager Mackenzie Casey dipped himself into the pond to retrieve Boris and with the help of his friends returned Boris to his rightful place.

Photos from Shefford...

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