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5 Incredible Cycling Holiday Locations

Tim Young

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Cycling is good for the environment, good for your wallet and good for you. Over the last few years the number of people that are cycling has increased with events, recreation and city transportation driving the trend. The thing about cycling is that it can become a journey that often leaves people asking, “What next?”. From getting on your first bike to commute across town or entering a big event to challenging yourself and raising money for charity, to watching the Tour de France and wishing you could ride on those big mountains, as we cycle more, our dreams get bigger. As the number of people taking part in cycling has grown, cycling tour operators have started offering a whole range of cycling holidays to meet this ever-growing interest. There are many different types of cycling travel experiences from riding a bucket list alpine climb to off-road mountain bike adventures and leisure holidays which can include luxury experiences including Michelin starred restaurants or visits to vineyards. Below are some of our favourite cycling holiday locations.


The home of road cycling in the UK has to be Yorkshire. It was the base for the start of the 2014 Tour de France, and due to it’s amazing hills, quiet roads and spectacular views, it will again invite the world’s best road cyclists in 2019 as it hosts the UCI World Championships.


If you want to test yourself on some off-road downhill trails, head to Bike Park Wales in Merthyr Tydfil to experience the UK’s first full scale mountain bike park in the heart of the South Wales valleys, built by riders for riders.

Provence, France

Vaucluse is considered to be the heart of Provence. This hilly area surrounded by many mountains and of course Mont Ventoux, is a cycling paradise offering a wide range of high-quality rides. The area is well known for the quality of its food and wine and the charming villages, which are often perched on hillsides in this beautiful cycling location. The best time to visit and discover Provence at its best is from April to October.


Mallorca offers the perfect conditions for cycling, quiet roads, great climate, excellent infrastructure and it’s only 2½ hours flight from the UK. Over 700km of quiet ‘B’ roads connect the many towns of Mallorca and provide easy access to the Tramuntana mountain range as well as to a wide range of hotels and restaurants. It’s no wonder that it has become such a draw for the many professional cycling teams and amateurs alike.

Sicily, Italy

Sicily is a unique place, where the rugged and wild beauty of the mountain views are matched only by the soothing sunsets over the glistening Mediterranean. A trip to Sicily is an experience to be enjoyed with all the senses, immersed in a wonderful setting, among breathtaking landscapes, art, history and Mediterranean flavours. It is amongst this backdrop, that the island invites you to experience an unforgettable cycling holiday.

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