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Cub Pack Re-opens after 27 Years

Sarah Colley

1st Arlesey Scout Group

What a brilliant evening! 1st Arlesey Scout Group has just re-opened the Cheyenne Cub Pack which closed in 1991. As a result of this and a new Beaver colony opening earlier in the year, we have now nearly doubled our membership of young people and volunteer leaders.

To make the evening even more special we had guests representing leaders from 1980 all the way through to present day as we also invested our latest Assistant Cub Scout Leader.

It was very special to see so many previous members of the Group and to hear their stories and memories.

To have an evening like this is what makes volunteering so rewarding. Seeing months of preparation and planning culminate in a special event like this has made our year.

Our Group Scout Leader, Chris Dodds, can’t stop smiling!

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