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Kid’s Got Talent - Billie & Jamie Grundy, Age 12 & 10

Q. Briefly explain your talents

Jamie: I’m super bendy

Billie: I love to dance, especially slow

Q. When do you practice, with who and for how long?

Both: We train in 7 dance disciplines on 4 days of the week. On Sundays we go to disco freestyle competitions around the south of the country! Sometimes we go to competitions that last all weekend. On our days off we practice at home. We train with our teachers Miss Michelle at Fusion Dance Centres and Miss Kelly and Miss Abbie at Dance Generation Studios.

Q. Are you a member of a club/class?

Both: Our competition group is called Fusion Angels and competitions are regulated by the ADFP, it’s an association and you have to be a member.

Q. What do you Love about dancing?

Jamie: I love keeping fit and making friends.

Billie: I am just really passionate about it and I like teaching myself new tricks. I taught myself how to do a front handspring when I was 9.

Q. Who designs and makes your costumes?

Billie: Adele at Delicious Costume Designs, she’s amazing, her nickname for me is marmite toes. Long story. She chose me to be one of her models this year.

Q. What are your goals/dreams/visions?

Jamie: At the moment I want to get to champion pairs with my sister, we are just 1 point away!

Billie: I want to be a successful dancer and teacher, have done as long as I can remember!

Q. Can dancing be dangerous? Do you ever get injured?

Jamie: (laughs) I broke a bone in my foot and twisted my ankle dancing at a competition on the 1st of September. I am in a walking boot and on crutches for 6 weeks, I will go straight back to dancing once healed!

Q. Do you enter competitions or perform in shows and have you ever won any prizes?

Jamie: We have been doing freestyle competitions for 2 years now and have 101 trophies.

We have been in 4 dance shows with Fusion at the Gordon Craig Theatre.

Billie: I was Shefford Gala Princess in 2017 and this year was voted dancer of the year by the competition squad. I got a lovely glass shield.

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