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Kids Got Talent - Paige Buckingham, Age 7

Q. Briefly explain your talent.

My talent is being a gymnast.

Q. How did you become a gymnast?

I’ve always loved watching it and practising it and I started at a young age and have a natural flare at it, I spend all my spare time practising

Q. When do you practice, with who and for how long?

I’m always practising at home, at school and at gym club whenever I can.

Q. Are you a member of a club?

Yes, Falcons but soon to be Shefford Gymnastics.

Q. What do you love about gymnastics?

I love doing back flips and there’s always more to learn and you make lots of friends.

Q. What is your number one challenge as a gymnast?

Pushing myself harder to be even better.

Q. What are your goals/dreams/visions?

To be on TV and become a professional gymnast.

Q. Can gymnastics be dangerous? Do you ever get injured?

Yes, I guess so, I’ve been lucky not to get injured.

Q. Do you enter competitions or perform in shows and have you ever won any prizes?

Yes, with the gym club I won certificates and a trophy.

Q. Who is the best gymnast you have ever met?

Professional ones on the TV are amazing.

Q. Any advice or tips for anyone wanting to become a gymnast?

Keep practising and you will achieve it and always push yourself, never give up!

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