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March 2021

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’Kid’s Got Talent’ - Charlie Flynn

Welcome to our brand new monthly feature: ’Kid’s Got Talent’

The place where we showcase the amazing talents of local children.

We hope this will help motivate and inspire other children to discover new sports and hobbies.

Q. Briefly explain your talent?

I’m a karting driver, racing in Jr TKM(kart class) in the 2019 British championship.

Q. So how did you get involved in karting?

My dad took me to a kart track when I was aged six. I tried it and instantly fell in love with the sport. My dad kept taking me until he got me my very own kart.

Q. When do you practice, where and for how long?

We do a race meeting for practice before each British championship round. It consists of a full day of practice on the Saturday and a full day of racing. When the British Championship has finished, we go to race meetings once a month, practice all day on the Saturday, ready for the race on Sunday.

Q. What is your greatest achievement to date?

Getting my first win at Fulbeck Kart Circuit and the clerk of the course said it was some of the best racing he had ever seen. Also, getting my MSA licence (which is the karting licence I need to race in the MSA)

Q. Who maintains your kart and equipment?

Me and my dad clean, fix and set everything up ready for the race weekend and change the set-up throughout the weekend which is very important in order to extract the best performance out of the kart.

Q. How much does it cost to participate in your sport?

Tyres for the British championship: six rounds, new slicks and wets for each race costs £300 per round. Race entries £180 per round. Fuel £38 per round. Practice race weekend before British championship is £110 entry fee for the full weekend. It’s not cheap!

Q. Do you have a sponsor or are you looking for one?

I’m looking for sponsors to help with any of the costs mentioned above in exchange for advertising on the kart and suit. Any sponsors are welcome to come down and watch and see how it all works.

Q. Is your sport dangerous?

Yes, all motorsports are dangerous but being on the edge is what makes karting an amazing feeling and getting quicker with each race is brilliant.

Q. How would someone get involved in karting? And do you have any tips for newbies?

The best way would be to go to their local kart track and see if they enjoy it, if they do they can keep going and after a while get their own kart. My main tip for newbies is to keep going every month because practice makes perfect and there’s no point racing unless you love it and want to race as much as possible.

*If any local businesses are interested in sponsoring Charlie then please contact his dad Tony on 07906 145469.

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