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Kids Got Talent - Grace Endersby - Age 12

Q. Briefly explain your talent.

I am a Baton Twirler. I use dance, gymnastics and baton twirling in a choreographed routine, I perform different types of routines which include solo, two baton, dance twirl, poise, fancy strut and freestyle.

Q. How did you become a Baton Twirler?

When I was four my mum was looking for an activity for me to do and she saw that they took children from the age of four. She said it looked fun and it was local. I don’t think she realised what she let herself in for!!

Q. When do you practice, with who and for how long?

I train twice a week with the Stotfold Twirlers, more leading up to competitions and once a month with the England national squad

Q. What do you love about baton twirling?

I love the friendships that I have made, I now have friends all over the country. I love going to competitions and each time trying to do a little better than I did before and of course I love the costumes and the makeup!! There is not one day when my Baton is not in my hand.

Q. What is your number one challenge as a baton twirler?

My biggest challenge is not to drop the Baton during a routine and to have a clean routine, you get penalties if you do, and of course to remember my routine properly.

Q. What are your goals/dreams/visions?

My biggest dream is to be selected to be part of the Worlds team for England. I have been very lucky to be part of the England junior team for three years now and this August I travel to France for the international cup. It will be the first time I will perform on my own representing England as before I was part of the Junior team routine so I am very nervous but I know it’s all great experience for me for the future.

Q. Can baton twirling be dangerous? Do you ever get injured?

The batons are made of metal and they have rubber on each end, so yes, a Baton landing on your head can hurt...a lot!!! I normally come home bruised but it is just part of practising.

Q. Do you enter competitions or perform in shows and have you ever won any prizes?

Yes I compete a lot, we travel all around the country and we also perform at local displays. My biggest achievement was at this year’s Nationals when I became the National Champion for Junior Novice Dance Twirl....I cried when they called my name I was so happy. I also came third in May at the British Open Freestyle competition....I had never made the finals before so I couldn’t believe it.

Q. Who is the best baton twirler you have met?

I love watching the French team perform, they are amazing, their group routines are so skilful and the choreography is wonderful. I met lots of brilliant Twirlers in Dublin last year from all over Europe, I have been very lucky.

For more information:

Please contact the Stotfold twirlers on Facebook:

or please contact the coach at:

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