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Kids Got Talent - Robyn Betteridge - Age 7

Q. Briefly explain your talent.

I am one of the UK’s youngest performing contortionists. Being very bendy, I can twist and bend my body into strange and unnatural positions!

Q. How did you become a contortionist?

I found out about contortion via YouTube and used to copy the moves from people’s videos. My mummy and daddy were worried I would hurt myself so researched the art of contortion and found me a trainer in London.

Q. When do you practice, who with and for how long?

I travel from Lower Stondon to London most weeks to train 1 -2 hours with my amazing coach, Pixie Le Knot. I also train a lot at home. I attend gymnastics, ballet and swimming each week. I love to be very active.

Q. Are you a member of a club?

I am not a member of a contortion club as such, but more part of a contortion family. Pixie Le Knot, my trainer, has students aged from 7 and upwards. I train 1 on 1, but also sometimes train in groups which is great fun. I love working with all my contortion friends.

Q. What do you love about contortion?

I love that It is very different and rare to find fellow contortionists. I love the reaction from people when I perform a move - it can really shock people.

Q. What is your number one challenge being a contortionist?

You have to train hard and often to maintain and improve your flexibility. This can make you very tired and also very hungry lol. Breathing correctly is also very important as it can lead to headaches otherwise.

Q. What are your goals/dreams/visions?

I have only been formally training for one year and already have had the most amazing time and opportunities. I was recently signed up by Kids London Ltd. who are a modelling and acting performance agency. I would love to perform for the Queen, be in a movie and inspire others to try contortion.

Q. Is it dangerous being a contortionist?

Being naturally flexible and young with proper training, no it is not. For safety, it is important that strength, body awareness, stability, and control are trained along with flexibility. I only train within the range that is appropriate for me. You need to make sure you warm up properly. Medical surveys show that contortionists and yogis not only have a great resistance to every day complaints, pain and disease, but their general health is excellent and they tend to live considerably longer than people in any other profession.

Q. Do you enter competitions or perform in shows

and have you ever won any prizes? So far I have performed in two

London shows directed by Pixie Le Knot and recently performed in two shows at the Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage as a special guest for BX Dance.

Q. Any advice or tips for anyone wanting to become a contortionist?

Do what I did and learn some basic moves from Instagram and YouTube, if you like it, go and find a trainer to properly practice.

You can follow my contortion journey on Instagram,

Facebook and YouTube, search @robyn_contortion

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