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Living In Chicksands

Lindsay Edwards, who is a personal stylist and runs her own

business called ‘Reimagise’, pictured with her husband Ryan and two sons.

Q. How long have you lived in Chicksands and what is it like?

We have lived here for over 16 years now. We were one of the first set of residents to move in on our road after the military sold on the housing to form our private estate. It’s been wonderful! I say been, as we moving house imminently. Although we are excited to move on to pastures new, we couldn’t have wished for a nicer estate to live in, whilst raising our family.

Q. What do you like about living in Chicksands?

The space! Not only are the houses very spacious, but we have lots of green space surrounding our houses too, which is fantastic for the children. The majority of the children living here know each other from attending the local schools, so they are always knocking for one another to go and ‘play out’. At weekends, our sons are usually outside playing a game of football with their friends, instead of being on electronics - which is a rarity nowadays!

Q. What does Chicksands have that other places don’t have?

A genuine sense of community spirit. We’ve always found Chicksands a really friendly place to live, where people know each other and look out for one another.

Q. What’s it like living next to a military camp?

The majority of the time we forget that we live next to a military base.. until a Chinook flies over our house! In all the years we’ve been here, the novelty of seeing them fly over still hasn’t worn off.

Karen Tight who runs her own dog grooming business called ‘Prestige Pooches’, pictured with her two daughters.

Q. How long have you lived in Chicksands and what is it like?

We have lived here since the houses were first sold off about 16 years ago. Chicksands is a lovely estate to live on. All the neighbours look out for each other, we even have a facebook page where we can communicate with one another.

Q. What do you like about living here?

This is a quiet estate with friendly residents. When I was pregnant with my first child a neighbour of mine, also pregnant, wrote me a letter asking if I wanted to meet up, we have been friends ever since. It is also a lovely place to have pets as there are plenty of safe places for cats and lovely local places to walk the dogs. We even have resident ducks that come every summer.

Q. What is it like living next to the military camp?

I feel safer knowing that they are next door, but we don’t really notice they are there.

Q. What does Chicksands have that other places do not?

Chicksands is probably the only estate that has so much greenery and open places for children to play. It is nice that all the houses are not on top of each other. You also get much more for your money here as the houses are spacious and easy to work on. Some residents have built extensions, loft conversions or dormers.

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