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Preparing your home for Photographs

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

The goal of preparing your home is to enable the photographer to shoot the very best photos of your living space. This can be achieved easily by following some simple steps outlined below.

Living and Dining Areas

Clear as many of your personal belongings away as possible. Remove all knick-knacks, remote controls, DVDs, exposed wiring at the back, family photos, pet stuff and baby toys. Store these in a cupboard or in the garage. Fully open and straighten all curtains and blinds to maximise the natural light. Fold up any blankets, arrange the furniture cushions and dust any dark electrical appliances. Staging a few nice flower arrangements on the dining table or in the corner of the living room creates a nice pop of colour. If you have a coffee table place an art book on it and hide all other loose magazines and pens etc.


Make the bed look like you see in the magazines. The pillows should be big and fluffy and the bed cover should be neutral in colour. Hide all knick-knacks, phone chargers and any other cables lying around the bedside tables. Remember, less is more. Hide the laundry basket, bins and any other high distracting items. This creates clear surfaces, giving the impression of more space. Avoid hiding stuff under the bed.


Everything should be removed from the bathroom including, make-up, razors, soaps, toothbrushes, shower items, bins and plunges. Place these into a small box that can be easily moved. Neatly hang a couple of matching towels and if you have room place a candle or plant next to the sink or bath.


Make sure that kitchen counters are as clear as possible. Move away any surplus electrical appliances as well as any additional clutter. Clear away the dish racks, cutting boards, tea towels, soap bottles, bins and remove all magnets off the fridge. A bowl of fruit in the kitchen always looks nice and adds a bit of natural, fresh colour.

Outside Space

The view of the front of your property is extremely important as it provides the first impression to viewers. Your goal here is to make the view so appealing that viewers will want to explore more. If you have a garden, trim the shrubs, mow the lawn, roll up the hose. Hide the bins, garden tools and any other general garden items. Move any vehicles out of sight and not directly in front of the house. Wipe down the garden furniture, add the cushions and arrange as if you were expecting guests.


Before your photographer arrives, turn on every light. This will help to light up the rooms, adding warmth and coziness, it also allows you to notice if any bulbs are missing or burnt out.

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